Free Printable March 2020 Calendar

We offer free printable March 2020 calendar, You can download it in PDF and JPG image format.

March 2020 Calendar

March 2020 Calendar


March 2020 Calendar

One can download and generate all the calendars neatly formatted and made. March 2020 calendar is available in the tenure and readers and viewers can print as many calendars as they want.

March 2020 Calendar Printable

March 2020 Calendar Printable


How to download March calendar?

It is very easy to download free March 2020 calendar templates from our website. You have two options of formats in which you can download the templates. You can either download it in either JPG image or PDF format. These calendars are designed specifically for the residents of the United States. You only need to choose your preferred template format. Then, you can click on download to save it on your PC.

If you are looking for the February 2020 calendar templates then we have them too. You can download it in the same manner also. We are also offering the next month’s calendar templates too. You can just select an April 2020 calendar template and download it easily to your computer. It is also available in PDF and JPG format for download.

All of the calendars on our website are free to download. March 2020 calendar comes with all the important holidays mentioned on it. Therefore, our free printable calendar templates are not just good looking but they are helpful as well. These calendars are a great choice for every American. Download the printable March 2020 calendar templates now for absolutely free.

Blank March 2020 Calendar

Blank March 2020 Calendar


How do I print a calendar for March 2020?

Printing a March 2020 calendar template is not a very tough task. First, you need to save the JPG calendar template into your computer. Once you have successfully downloaded the JPG image then you can print it using your printer.

You have one more option for printing the March 2020 calendar. Download it in PDF format and print it using a printer. You don’t require any special skills to print our calendar templates. Anyone can do it easily and quickly.

We offer many different March 2020 calendar templates. If you browse through our calendar templates, you will surely find a perfect calendar for you. Our March 2020 calendar templates design range from the fanciest of the calendars to the simple blank calendars. If you like to create notes and memos on your calendar then you will probably like a blank calendar.

It is your choice which calendar you want in your bedroom or office. Just download your favorite calendar template and print it quickly. Our March 2020 calendar will definitely help you shine your place like never before.

Moon phases calendar for March 2020

One lunar month consists of 29 or 30 days. One lunar month completes after the moon completes its orbit around the Earth going through the four primary phases. These four primary phases are 1st quarter, Full moon, 3rd quarter, and New moon. In March 2020, the 1st quarter phase of the moon will be visible on 2 March. After that, Full moon on 9 March, 3rd quarter on 16 march and finally the new moon on 24 March.

March 2020 Calendar Template

March 2020 Calendar Template


What is the month of March?

Naming of March

March is the 3rd month of calendar in both Gregorian and Julian calendar. In the Roman calendar, its name was Martius. It was the 1st month of year in the earliest Roman calendar. March got its name from the Roman God of war, Mars.

Martius was the first month of calendar until 153 BC. There are many cultures which still celebrate the new year in March. Maaliskuu is the Finnish name of March. It is Marche in Middle English while Martius in old English.

History of March

Originally, March was the 1st month of Roman calendars. Later, when January & February became the first two months of year, March became the 3rd month of year. March got its name from Mars (Roman God of war). The previous name of March was Martius. Martius was the 1st month of the calendar approximately until 153 BC.

Many religious observances in the first few days of this month were new year celebrations at that time. Till today, there are some places where new year celebrations occur in the month of March. While in the
Gregorian calendar, new year is on 1 January.

The March equinox or Vernal comes in this month on 19, 20, or 21 March. In the olden times, March was also the month when wars would resume again after the winter season. It was around 700 BCE when January Calendar became the 1st month of year. New Year shifted from March to 1 January. But still, some people celebrate the new year in March.

Ancient Roman festivals of March are Agonium Martiale, Matronalia, Junonalia, Equirria, Mamuralia, Hilaria, Argei, Liberalia and Bacchanalia, Quinquatria, and Tubilustrium. Roman calendar dates of these festivals don’t match with Gregorian calendar dates.

Third month in the year

March is the 3rd month of calendar. In the earliest Roman calendars, it was the 1st month of the year. But then, January and February were added to the calendar as the starting two months. Therefore, March shifted below to become the 3rd month of the year. But there are still some places where new year celebrations occur in March.

It has 31 days. There are seven months in a year which have 31 days. It is the second month with 31 days after January. March starts on the 60th day of the year in normal year. While in leap years, it starts on the 61st day.

September is the seasonal equivalent of March in the opposite hemisphere. Spring starts in March in the Northern hemisphere while it is the first month of autumn or fall in the opposite hemisphere.

Earlier, March was the time of the year when wars resumed after the winter season. Today, March has many important holidays associated with it. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular observances of March every year. March is also National Umbrella Month.

March starts on same day of week as February and November. It ends on same of week as June. This only applies to common years and not the leap years. Daffodil or Jonquil is the birth flower of March. Daffodils are a symbol of regard. Aquamarine and Bloodstone are the birthstones for March. They are a symbol of courage.

Zodiac signs of March are Pisces and Aries. Pisces is from 20 Feb to 20 March while Aries is from March 21 to April 20. Name of March in Middle English is Marche. In Latin, it is Martius mensis.

March equinox occurs in the month of March on 19, 20, or 21 March. March equinox is the moment when Sun crosses the equator. It happens twice a year. Once in March and then again in September. During the March equinox time, the day and night are almost equal.

March 2020 Printable Monday Calendar

March 2020 Printable Monday Calendar


What are the holidays in March 2020?

Date Day Holiday
March 1 Sunday St. David’s Day 2020
March 2 Monday Texas Independence Day 2020
March 2 Monday Casimir Pulaski Day 2020
March 2 Monday Read Across America Day 2020
March 3 Tuesday Town Meeting Day 2020
March 6 Friday Employee Appreciation Day 2020
March 8 Sunday Daylight Saving Time starts 2020
March 9 Monday Holi 2020
March 10 Tuesday Purim 2020
March 17 Tuesday St. Patrick’s Day 2020
March 17 Tuesday Evacuation Day 2020
March 19 Thursday March Equinox 2020
March 22 Sunday Isra and Mi’raj 2020
March 25 Wednesday Maryland Day 2020
March 26 Thursday Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day 2020
March 29 Sunday National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2020
March 30 Monday Seward’s Day 2020
March 31 Tuesday César Chávez Day 2020

St. Patrick’s Day in the United States

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations occur on 17 March every year. Americans remember the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick on this day.

What is the significance of St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a very significant festival especially for the Irish people living in America. This day remembers Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. The celebrations of this day occur in an Irish-American cultural way. Its celebrations occur on 17 March every year. 17 March is the traditional death date of St. Patrick. He was Ireland’s foremost patron saint.

This day also commemorates the arrival of Christianity in the country of Ireland. On this day, people celebrate Irish heritage and culture. Though it is not a legal holiday in the United States still its celebrations occur with great zeal and joy throughout the nation.

The celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day include religious events, prominent displays of green color, parades and alcohol consumption in abundance. Americans and Irish-Americans have been celebrating this day in North America since the late eighteenth century.

St. Patrick’s Day is a federal holiday in just a few states of America. But its celebrations happen all over the country. Savannah, Suffolk County, Georgia, and Massachusetts is where it is a federal holiday. In Massachusetts, its celebration occurs alongside Evacuation Day.

What is the history of St. Patrick’s Day?

This day observes the death of Ireland’s foremost patron saint, Saint Patrick. Today, people celebrate it to recognize the Irish culture through parades, special foods, dancing, music, lot of green and drinking. St. Patrick died in the 5th century. Irish people have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years.

St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain. He came to Ireland as a slave who was kidnapped from his town. He was only 16 years old at that time. St. Patrick escaped but later returned back to Ireland again. Irish credit him for bringing Christianity in Ireland. As per popular beliefs, St. Patrick’s death happened on 17 March 461. A popular legend of St. Patrick is that he only used native Irish clover’s or shamrock’s three leaves to explain the holy trinity.

Saint Patrick’s Day became an official feast day in America in the 17th century. Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Lutheran Church, and Anglican Communion made it an official Christian feast day in the 17th century. Therefore, its been more than three centuries Americans are celebrating this day. Irish-American immigrants were the one who brought this day to America.

The first-ever public celebration of St. Patrick’s Day occurred in 1737 in Boston, Massachusetts. It was the first time, the whole United States was celebrating this day. Also, there occurred a popular event in the year 1780. General G. Washington commanded the soldiers of Irish origin in 1780 and gave them a holiday on 17 March. Today, people know this event as St. Patrick’s Day Encampment. Now people celebrate it on 17 March of every year in America and other countries.

What are the Traditions of St. Patrick’s Day?

Primary traditions of this day include organizing Irish theme parties, special foods, and heavy drinking. The green color is also a symbol of this day. Therefore, many people dress up in green colors and get into the spirit of this festival. Many people eat only green foods also on this day.

Some places organize large street parades also on this day in America. These places include Savannah, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Denver, Toronto, New York, and many others.

St. Patrick’s Day is a festival which Americans and Irish-Americans have been celebrating for more than 3 centuries. In 2020, it will be on 17 March just like every year. Evacuation Day also falls on the same day in 2020. Though St. Patrick’s Day is not a public holiday some schools and businesses may stay closed on this day due to Evacuation Day.

Irish theme pubs and clubs organize special parties just for this day. They may also offer special deals to celebrate this day. Consumption of alcohol in abundance is also a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Many towns dye the water green in public places to recognize St. Patrick’s Day. Green Chicago River has been the most notable dyed water body. It was dyed green in 2005.

St. Patrick's Day 2020 Calendar

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 Calendar

When is St. Patrick’s Day in 2020?

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 is on Tuesday, March 17. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations occur on 17 March every year. The day of week of this day’s observance keeps on changing every year while the date remains the same. In 2019, it fell on Sunday while in 2020 it will be on Tuesday.

Evacuation Day is also on the same day in 2020. Though, schools and other government organizations don’t have any holiday for St. Patrick’s Day but they might stay close because of the Evacuation day celebrations in some states.

This day doesn’t cause many disruptions in traffic and public transit generally runs smoothly. The only disruption in traffic is caused because of the St. Patrick’s Day parades. This generally happens in areas with a good population of Irish-American citizens.

Sometimes Catholic Church authorities may also move St. Patrick’s Day to some other day in case it coincides with some other festival. In 1940, the Catholic Church moved it because it was falling on the same day as Palm Sunday. Then again in 2008, they moved it because it was falling on the same day as Holy Monday. Holy Monday is last Monday before Easter Sunday.

Dates for St. Patrick’s Day from 2016 to 2024

Date Day of the week Year
March 17, 2016 Thursday St. Patrick’s Day 2016
March 17, 2017 Friday St. Patrick’s Day 2017
March 17, 2018 Saturday St. Patrick’s Day 2018
March 17, 2019 Sunday St. Patrick’s Day 2019
March 17, 2020 Tuesday St. Patrick’s Day 2020
March 17, 2021 Wednesday St. Patrick’s Day 2021
March 17, 2022 Thursday St. Patrick’s Day 2022
March 17, 2023 Friday St. Patrick’s Day 2023
March 17, 2024 Sunday St. Patrick’s Day 2024

What do you do on St. Patrick’s day?

The most common thing to do for people to celebrate this day is dancing and drinking in Irish theme parties. Lots of Irish-Americans consume alcohol in abundance because it is also a part of the tradition. Many people put on Green clothes and eat only green foods because the green color is a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day.

Many Irish-Americans visit the Irish theme clubs and pubs because they offer special deals on this day. Though St. Patrick’s day is not a federal holiday still many people celebrate it with great zeal and joy. Students and Employees go to Schools and their companies respectively because all schools and businesses stay open on this day.

Mentioning every little detail in the March 2020 Calendar assuring the best printable view and satisfaction.

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