Printable April 2024 Calendar Templates With Holidays

April is brimming with beauty and joy when the springy weather is in its full swing. As the harshness of winter fades away, people are in the mood for productive work. However, you might not make the most out of your month without a handy April 2024 calendar that keeps your schedule on track. Don’t worry. You don’t need to rush to a store to buy a calendar; we’ve got your back with printable templates that can work in a pinch!

Printable April 2024 Calendar

April 2024 Calendar

April 2024 Calendar


Our printable April 2024 calendar designs strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. With that in mind, we’ve designed each template in PDF, JPG, PNG formats, enabling you to download and print it out easily without compromising quality. Coming in the US-letter size of 8.5 x 11 inches, our templates make the best desk calendars that can fit into any cramped space. Even when your desk is flooded with loads of stuff, the bright, striking calendar will still stand out, catching your eye at a mere glance.

As compact as it is, each date box still leaves ample room for your notes while allowing for more decorative elements to your liking. Even better, we provide you with diverse templates that are tailored to your needs, so you can browse our collection and pick your favorite without much elbow grease. The best part is that all of our templates are free to download, and your handy desk calendar is just a click away!

April 2024 Calendar Template

April 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

April 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Leveraging extensive experience in calendar design, we offer a versatile selection of April 2024 calendars, tailored for both print and online use. These calendars are designed to enhance your planning with options for week numbers and customizable layouts, including U.S. centric holidays. Our online April 2024 calendars provide a dynamic planning tool, allowing for adjustments in holiday settings and access to various layouts such as blank, monthly, and weekly, suitable for planning across multiple years.

For an interactive planning experience, our online version of the April 2024 calendar features functionalities for tracking lunar phases, calculating day/night lengths, and adding personal events. It also adjusts to display international holidays based on the user’s location. Additionally, our printable calendars for April 2024 are crafted with an emphasis on aesthetics, offering extensive customization options for those interested in personal or craft projects. This comprehensive approach ensures that whether you prefer the tactile nature of print or the flexibility of online planning, our April 2024 calendars meet your needs with style and efficiency.

Blank April Calendar In 2024

Blank April 2024 Calendar

Blank April 2024 Calendar


Minimalism has set the tone for many folks nowadays, revolving around simple and monochrome designs. That’s why this blank April 2024 calendar could be in vogue, becoming the statement piece in your working or studying space. Indeed, the template speaks volumes for your minimalist style while standing out as the anchor throughout your monthly schedule. Going for the blank design means that you will have a lot of space for jotting down notes and planning.

What if you want something more “you”? You’ll never go wrong with this template! It’s a diary for your ever-evolving story, waiting to be splashed with vibrant hues and images. Has the emptiness awakened your inner artist yet? Download this calendar, grab a pen, and let your creativity guide you!

Floral Calendar for April

Floral Calendar for April 2024

Floral Calendar for April 2024


Blooming with nature’s whispers of beauty and grace, flowers add a touch of stunning elegance to any space. Who could resist that charm? Not us! Our love for flowers, from delicate, wild bushes to breathtaking blossoms, is manifested on this floral 2024 April calendar, aiming to spread this lovely touch to every nook and cranny of your room. We never go overboard with the color and design. The calendar is only adorned with some followers on the upper border that come in a subtle pastel palette. Rest assured that your notes and events will still stand out on the floral background to help you keep tabs on your plan.

This stunning oasis would make a haven for a swift escape from your busy schedule. And who knows? It might even spark some creative ideas for your ongoing project that you’ve been racking your brain for days. So, whenever you feel depressed, just shift your eyes to the floral calendar and lay back a bit. Print this April 2024 calendar template out, and let it be a daily reminder of the beauty that surrounds you! May each of your days be filled with grace and joy!

April Calendar Monday Start

April 2024 Calendar Monday Start

April 2024 Calendar Monday Start


The decision to start the week on Sunday or Monday is not standardized globally, and different calendar formats exist based on cultural norms and conventions. In some regions and cultures, Sunday is considered the first day of the week. Meanwhile, others start their workweek on Monday.

In businesses or at schools, all schedules should fit within Monday to Friday, and weekends – Saturday and Sunday – are reserved for relaxing. In these cases, an April calendar that starts on Monday will come in handy, eliminating the confusion between weekdays and weekends for workers and students. Let our calendar template streamline your workweek to reap better results!

April Holidays & Observances

There are 30 days in April 2024, with 2 notable holidays that are Easter Monday and Tax Day. Don’t worry if you are too busy to remember those days; we’ll provide an April 2024 calendar with holidays for your convenience. Let’s see what they are about!

What Is the Meaning of April?

Have you ever wondered about the origin of April? Legend has it that the name April finds its origin in the Latin word Aprilis, which translates to “open.” This could indicate the opening and bursting of buds and flowers in spring or more figuratively, the new beginnings or growth.

Holidays in April

For April, notable holidays and observances include Easter Monday, which falls on the 1st of April. This day follows Easter Sunday, a significant celebration for Christians around the world commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s observed with various traditions and festivities, depending on the region. Additionally, the 15th of April marks Tax Day in the United States, the deadline for individuals to file their income tax returns with the federal government. This day represents the culmination of the tax season, during which taxpayers finalize their financial accounts and report their earnings from the previous year.

April in the United States is punctuated by several public and state-specific holidays. These include César Chávez Day (substitute) in California and Patriots’ Day in Maine and Massachusetts, both on April 15, reflecting the nation’s rich cultural and historical tapestry. Additionally, Emancipation Day on April 16 in Washington D.C. commemorates the abolition of slavery, marking an important day of reflection and celebration.

The month is filled with observances like National Tartan Day on April 6, celebrating Scottish heritage, and Administrative Professionals Day on April 24, recognizing the valuable contributions of administrative staff. Earth-centric observances such as Arbor Day, celebrated on varying dates in states like Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming, emphasize the importance of tree planting and environmental stewardship.

When is Easter Monday 2024?

Still not get enough fun on Easter Sunday on 31st March? Let’s kick off April with a festive bang – Easter Monday, which is the following day – Monday, 1st April. This holiday marks the end of the Easter Triduum that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Eggs, reminiscent of rebirth, are the soul of Easter, which you can encounter almost everywhere on this day. Egg hunts remain the classic activity for children and adults alike, requiring them to search for hidden eggs that are often filled with candy or small treats.

When is Tax Day 2024?

While Tax Day is not a holiday, we’re sure that those at work can’t turn a blind eye to this day. This is a reminder to pay your income tax. Unless you want to get in trouble with interest charges or penalties, you should always mark this date on your April calendar in 2024. This year, Tax Day is on Monday, April 15th. Don’t forget the deadline, and file your taxes on time!

Astronomical Events in April 2024

April 2024 will witness notable astronomical phenomena including Earthshine Nights on April 8/9, allowing observers to see the unlit part of the Moon. The Lyrid Meteor Shower, peaking around April 22 and 23, promises a dazzling display of meteors emanating from the constellation Lyra.

History of April

Initially, April was the second month in the early Roman calendar. Following reforms, it became the fourth month but retained its 30-day length even after the introduction of the Julian calendar by Julius Caesar, which further refined the calendar system and established April’s position and duration in it.

April Birthstone and Birth Flowers

April’s birthstone, the diamond, symbolizes innocence and is renowned for its unmatched hardness and clarity. The month’s birth flowers are the daisy and sweet pea, each representing purity, love, and new beginnings, resonating with April’s theme of spring and renewal.

Zodiac Signs in April

The zodiac signs for April are Aries (March 21 – April 19) and Taurus (April 20 – May 19), embodying the energies of pioneering spirit and steadfastness respectively. Aries reflects the vigorous onset of spring, while Taurus brings stability and the full bloom of the season.


It’s time to embrace the beauty and functionality of our April 2024 calendar templates. Choose your favorite one, and seize the opportunity to stay ahead, stay organized, and savor the moments that April has to offer!

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