Printable September 2024 Calendar Templates With Holidays

When you see the crimson and orange tide sweep over tree-lined streets and leave a stunning foliage display in its wake, it’s autumn! Unlike the scorching sun in summer or the bitter cold in winter, September welcomes the season with a cozy atmosphere and pleasant weather, setting the stage for a productive month ahead. But guess what? You can even double your productivity with a well-planned schedule. We’ve got you covered with our September 2024 calendar, where all the important events and schedules are on the same page. Let’s see what we have on Wiki Calendar!

Printable September 2024 Calendar

September 2024 Calendar

September 2024 Calendar


Why not a weekly or a yearly but a monthly template? While a 7-day calendar grants you more room for jotting down notes, it hinders you from viewing the monthly agenda as a whole. Meanwhile, a yearly template might leave you overwhelmed with tons of events and deadlines, making it hard to keep track of your schedule. And a September 2024 calendar template strikes a perfect balance between the two.

30 date boxes are generously designed for all your notes while still sitting neatly within the compact frame of US-letter size (8.5 x 11 inches). These dimensions grant enough room for your monthly schedule, which can be captured at a mere glance, without leaving a big footprint on your desk. Coming in standard PDF, JPG, PNG formats, these templates allow you to download and print them out in a breeze. No matter what type of device and printer you use, the quality of the printout remains unchanged, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. This printable calendar for September 2024 is also available in various themes, catering to different preferences and tastes. Curious about our meticulously crafted collection? All will be displayed below!

September 2024 Calendar Template

September 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

September 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Drawing on our extensive expertise in calendar design, we present an array of September 2024 calendars, meticulously fashioned to cater to both digital and physical formats. These tools are engineered to refine your scheduling process, featuring an array of options such as week numbers and adaptable layouts that incorporate key U.S. holidays. Our online calendars for September offer a dynamic and interactive planning solution, equipped with customization capabilities for holiday settings and a variety of templates including blank, monthly, and weekly views, ideal for comprehensive planning over several years.

The online iteration of our September 2024 calendar elevates the planning experience with advanced features such as lunar phase tracking, day/night duration calculations, and the integration of personal events. It is intelligently designed to reflect international holidays, tailoring its display to align with the user’s specific locale. Furthermore, our printable calendars emphasize visual appeal, providing a wealth of personalization options suited for individual projects or creative endeavors. This dual approach ensures that, regardless of your preference for the tangible aspect of printed calendars or the adaptability and convenience of online planning, our September calendars are poised to support your organizational needs with unparalleled elegance and practicality.

Blank September Calendar 2024

Blank September 2024 Calendar

Blank September 2024 Calendar


Some folks pursue a minimalist lifestyle, while others love to adorn their workspace with vibrant and full-of-life elements. That’s why we’ve created this blank September 2024 calendar to cater to you all. The black-and-white design appears clear and clutter-free, allowing you to jot down all the events and notes without overwhelming the background. This template also serves as a blank canvas for artist souls to customize their calendars. Adding some personal touches to the design will speak volumes about your personality and lifestyle while still leaving enough space for your schedule.

Each date box is crafted with crisp and clear numbers, along with a generous room for your notes. No more scattered sticky memos on your desk and computer! Now, you can capture all important events, meetings, and deadlines of the whole month at a mere glance. Print it out to organize your chock-full agenda!

Floral Calendar for September

Floral Calendar for September 2024

Floral Calendar for September 2024


Want a stunning and uplifting calendar but don’t have good aesthetic taste? We’ve got you covered with this 2024 September floral calendar. This template bears a timeless beauty, evoking positive emotions and boosting your productivity. Various types and sizes of flowers are delicately woven into a charming canvas, setting the tone for the month ahead. The harmonious color palette exudes a calming sense, reducing your stress and anxiety when working or studying for a long time.

A quick glance at this floral oasis offers a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It exposes you to the comforting embrace of nature, unlocking your creativity and enhancing your focus on tasks. Don’t worry that these decorative elements will draw you away from your work. Each flower is presented in a subtle tone, adding vibrancy to the background without overshadowing your notes. Download it, and make every day count!

September Calendar Monday Start

September 2024 Calendar Monday Start

September 2024 Calendar Monday Start


We’ve all been there – when our schedule messes up just because we mistake Sunday for Monday. Bid farewell to such a frustrating situation! This September calendar that starts on Monday will separate weekdays from weekends, making it easier to arrange your work during the week while sparing your precious Saturday and Sunday for relaxing.

This template promises to streamline your month since most, if not all, schools and businesses follow a standard calendar that begins on Monday. So, you can keep track of your schedule effortlessly and make the most out of every day. The calendar comes with a neat and simple design without distracting details, facilitating you to stay on top of every deadline. Your secret to a whole productive month is here!

September Holidays & Observances

When it comes to September, we all think of fruitful harvest days with nice weather. Indeed, you will have 30 days full of joy and peace when enjoying the autumnal vibe. There will also be other important events during the month, varying among regions and religions. But in general, we all celebrate the most important holiday – the Labor Day. We will offer you the September 2024 calendar with holidays to help you track down those events more easily.

Holidays in September

September is marked by several key holidays and observances, beginning with Labor Day in the United States, celebrated on the first Monday, honoring the achievements of workers and the labor movement. Globally, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, also known as the Moon Festival, is another significant celebration occurring in September, where families gather to admire the full moon and share mooncakes, symbolizing reunion and prosperity.

When is Labor Day 2024?

As its name suggests, Labor Day in the United States is a federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September each year, which will be on September 2, 2024. It’s a day to honor and recognize the contributions and achievements of American workers, and for some folks, it also marks the unofficial end of summer.

On this day off, the country is permeated with a blissful spirit and a lot of festivities. Families and friends will throw parties, BBQs, picnics, and so on. Streets are also awash with vivid and delightful parades, all getting immersed in the national celebration. The best part is that some schools and businesses will close on Labor Day, so you will have a 3-day vacation to relax. So, make a plan to enjoy the holiday from now on!

Astronomical Events in September 2024

The astronomical highlight of September 2024 includes the September Equinox, occurring around the 22nd or 23rd, marking the start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. This event brings days and nights of almost equal length worldwide. Additionally, the Harvest Moon, September’s Full Moon, provides a bright backdrop for the early fall nights, traditionally coinciding with the time to harvest crops.

History of September

September’s name originates from the Latin word “Septem,” meaning seven, reflecting its position in the ancient Roman calendar as the seventh month. The shift to the Gregorian calendar, initiated in 153 BCE when the new year moved to January, positioned September as the ninth month. This historical transition underscores the evolution of timekeeping and calendar organization from ancient Rome to present day.

September Birthstone and Birth Flowers

The sapphire, symbolizing wisdom, virtue, and good fortune, is September’s birthstone. This gemstone is accompanied by September’s birth flowers: the forget-me-not, morning glory, and aster. These flowers represent love, affection, and a strong sense of integrity, mirroring the deep blue of the sapphire.

Zodiac Signs in September

Virgo dominates the first part of September (until September 22), emphasizing traits of meticulousness, reliability, and practicality. Following Virgo, Libra begins on September 23, marking a period characterized by balance, harmony, and sociability. These signs reflect the transitional essence of September, bridging the gap between the seasons with a blend of contemplation and equilibrium.


Whether you are a worker with tons of workload or a student with an overflowing schedule, a September 2024 calendar will be a handy compass to guide you through the month. With user-friendly designs and customizable features, these templates offer a practical solution for planning and scheduling monthly activities. By harnessing their power, you can cultivate better time management habits, enhance productivity, and embark on a path toward greater success in both your personal and professional endeavors.

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