Free Printable December 2023 Calendar Templates With Holidays

December is a fantastic way to end what you have started and done in a year. So welcome it in a stunning way by enjoying your holidays in the month. A December 2023 calendar will help you follow up on upcoming occasions. You may discover numerous free December calendars that you can print out to keep track of all your engagements during the holiday season. So now, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down and make December a great time to remember!

December 2023 Calendar

December 2023 Calendar


Printable December 2023 Calendar Templates

The idea of a printable December calendar is that you can download, print, hang, and use it to keep up with everything you will deal with in a month. Here are some benefits you can get from choosing our templates.

Straightforward to follow

You can keep better track of all your meetings, deadlines, holidays, assignments, and more with the aid of our free calendar layouts. Fill out those calendars, hang them on the wall, and start ticking down to special occasions. Our printable calendars are perfect for anyone who needs to follow multiple tasks at the same time or busy moms who have to handle every household stuff.

Easy to use

Every calendar on our site starts the week with Sunday, many of which include important celebrations and holidays. To get your free calendar, simply click the picture or download button next to the template you choose to have it downloaded. Our calendars are free PDF downloads that you can print using any printer. You can even customize your December calendar PDF with events and holidays.

December 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays

December 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Free Printable December Calendar Templates

Are you looking for free December 2023 calendar templates to celebrate the year’s final month? You have accessed the right place. Let’s see what we suggest! . Our calendar templates have the same letter size of 8.5 “x11”. Yet, the design makes them different. Some of the top choices on your website include:

A blank calendar is the simplest but allows you to maximize your creativity. Show people your artistic side by decorating the calendar yourself.

Calendars with floral are classic designs, but they always work. The gorgeous drawings will turn 31 days in the month into something sweeter and cuter. Roses seem to be the popular choice because they are the queen of flowers. We recommend watercolor roses, which make your calendar look more elegant. But if you are seeking a striking effect, tropical hibiscus will shine out with its brilliant red color.

December Holidays & Observances

December is special because it’s the year’s final month in the Gregorian and Julian calendars. The month got its name from “decem,” a Latin word that means “ten.” In the Roman calendar, starting around 750 BC, December was the year’s tenth month. The month of December has 31 days, and we have included three important days for your reference. Please check our December 2023 calendar with holidays to save the moments.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2023 is on Sunday, December 24. Christmas Eve is on December 24, marking the day before Xmas day. Almost all businesses close early to allow employees to travel and spend the holiday with their families. Some individuals organize choirs of singers who perform Christmas carols in public places or door-to-door carol presentations. Moreover, many kids worldwide hang their stockings at this time in anticipation of receiving a gift from Santa Claus.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day 2023 is on Monday, December 25. Christmas is known as a religious holiday that is revered by many people and is an annual cultural event that takes place on December 15 every year. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and Christmas commemorates his birth. The term “Christmas” originates from an old English phrase, “Cristes maesse,” which means the mass of Christ.

People have been celebrating the holiday with customs and rituals that are both secular and religious for two millennia now. We enjoy the holiday in our own ways. Some like to join religious activities, like attending church. Besides, there are less formal activities, such as watching movies, baking cookies, or decorating Christmas trees.

New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve 2023 is on Sunday, December 31st. New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest global celebrations since it falls on the last day of the year, December 31. New Year’s Eve comes with mixed emotions. We greet the New Year and enjoy the end of the previous year. On the other hand, as we recall the events that occurred in the past 12 months, we get a feeling of nostalgia. The scale and style of New Year’s Eve celebrations might differ a lot. While some individuals go to traditional masquerade balls, others join costume parties. Some can have get-togethers or parties in their houses. The most exciting New Year’s Eve activity is counting down in the last seconds of the last day of the year to welcome the new one.


Having a December calendar at hand will be the best idea to keep every significant event in the month on track. Do not miss anything, or you have to wait one year for them to return. Hopefully, you find our printable December 2023 calendars helpful. Do not forget to prepare for the next month. Click here to access your collection for January 2023 Calendars.

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