Printable December 2024 Calendar Templates With Holidays

The 2024 chapter is drawing to a close, and you are nearing the final stretch of your annual pursuit of health, wealth, and prosperity. We are aware that this last month is brimming with festivities as we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. But don’t let yourself become too engrossed in the jolly atmosphere and lose sight of your work and study. You need a December 2024 calendar to remind you of important deadlines and encourage you to finish them on time. Let’s make the remaining 31 days more memorable!

Printable December 2024 Calendar

December 2024 Calendar

December 2024 Calendar


December might prove busier than normal, with overdue deadlines carrying over from the previous month. Navigating this hectic period can be a real pain in the neck. But don’t worry, as our printable calendar for December 2024 will assist you through this demanding time. Our templates come in PDF, JPG, PNG formats, enabling you to download them to any device and print them using any printer without compromising the quality. We’ve designed them in the standard US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) – not too big, not too small, just enough space for all your notes while still fitting neatly in any compact area. Best of all, our December 2024 calendar templates are free; but don’t underestimate their quality. Various designs are available for you to choose from. Scroll down to see!

December 2024 Calendar Template

December 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

December 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Drawing on our expertise in calendar design, we present an array of December 2024 calendars, meticulously designed for both print and digital platforms. These calendars are engineered to streamline your scheduling process, featuring week numbers and customizable layouts that cater to U.S. holidays. Our digital calendars for December offer a robust tool for personalizing holiday settings and selecting from a variety of designs, including blank, monthly, and weekly views, ideal for comprehensive, multi-year planning.

Our digital December 2024 calendar enhances your planning experience with capabilities to monitor lunar phases, measure day/night durations, and incorporate personal events. It intuitively adapts to exhibit international holidays, tailoring its display to your specific locale. Meanwhile, our printable versions prioritize visual appeal, delivering wide-ranging options for customization, perfect for those dedicated to personal or artistic projects. This balanced approach guarantees satisfaction, whether you favor the tangible aspect of printed calendars or the adaptability offered by our online solutions, ensuring our December calendars serve your planning needs with sophistication and practicality.

Blank December Calendar 2024

Blank December 2024 Calendar

Blank December 2024 Calendar


Find it challenging to pick a template among the diverse collection of designs? The old-but-gold blank calendar for December 2024 is the way to go! This classic design can easily blend in any background while also allowing you to add your personal touches. The lack of decorative elements free of space, leaving generous room for your notes and deadlines. Its excellent functionality doesn’t just lie in its spacious date boxes but also in its simplicity, which directs your focus to your schedule rather than distracting patterns. Otherwise, let your creativity run wild and decorate the template to your heart’s content. Download it now, and your handy desk calendar will be ready in minutes!

Floral Calendar for December

Floral Calendar for December 2024

Floral Calendar for December 2024


Looking to bring some greenery or flowers into your working space without the hassle of maintenance? Why not opt for this December 2024 floral calendar? The charming floral patterns surely add more vibrancy and elegance to your space. Infusing the atmosphere with positive energy will also inspire you to work more productively. With a subtle color palette, this calendar offers a stunning and uplifting design without straining your eyes, even during long periods of use. Rest assured that these elements will not overshadow your notes. Give it a try, and your month will blossom with productivity!

December Calendar Monday Start

December 2024 Calendar Monday Start

December 2024 Calendar Monday Start


In some cultures and calendars, Sunday is considered the first day of the week. However, according to international standards, a workweek must commence on Monday, separating the weekdays and weekends. This alignment facilitates more effective planning across different time zones and smoother workflow. Whether you are a student with a lot of schoolwork or a worker with tons of workload, a 2024 December calendar that starts on Monday will come in handy. With this standard format, you can easily manage your schedule and stay on top of it. Print it now, as your well-organized month starts here!

December Holidays & Observances

December, with 31 days, is not only the final month of the year but also marks the beginning of winter. It’s not an exaggeration to say that December is the most awaited and welcomed month of the year, as we can enjoy the delightful Christmas season and unwind after a busy and fruitful year. Is there any other important observance? Let’s check on our December 2024 calendar with holidays!

Holidays in December

December is filled with significant holidays and observances that highlight cultural, religious, and historical facets. Key dates include Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and marked by global festivities and traditions. New Year’s Eve is a worldwide celebration, bidding farewell to the year and welcoming the new one with hope and jubilation. Other observances such as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and Rosa Parks Day in certain states, honor historical events and figures that have shaped the nation.

When is Christmas Eve 2024?

Christmas Eve, occurring on Tuesday, December 24, 2024, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, and its influence goes beyond the US border. All Christians around the globe celebrate this night, though traditions and celebrations can vary. Even before its arrival, you can see houses, buildings, and driveways are jazzed up, and the air is pulsating with joy and coziness. The most iconic decorations are, hands down, Christmas trees, which are adorned with fairy lights, stars, snowflakes, bells, candies, and other ornaments. Other symbols of Christmas include Santa Claus, reindeer, sleighs, snowman, garland, and wreath. On this cherished day, family members will gather together, exchange gifts, and enjoy quality time together. Children, in particular, eagerly anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus, eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of their wishes as they hang their stockings in anticipation.

When is Christmas Day 2024?

Christmas Day is the day following Christmas Eve, which is Wednesday, December 25, 2024. The celebration extends beyond the religious circle, as most Americans see this holiday as a chance to come back home with their families. Some throw indulgent feasts featuring roasted turkey, seafood, and gingerbread cookies, while others visit their friends and relatives for gift exchange. Many will also attend church services, including special Christmas morning services.

When is New Year’s Eve 2024?

Just 6 days after Christmas, we welcome another significant event – New Year’s Eve on December 31. The final day of a year is a time for celebration and reflection on the year gone by and anticipation for the year to come. Not only Americans but folks around the world all celebrate this night. The most iconic aspect of New Year’s Eve is the countdown to midnight, often accompanied by fireworks displays, noisemakers, and celebratory cheers. People gather for parties with music, dancing, and merriment.

December Solstice

The December Solstice, occurring on either December 21 or 22, is a significant astronomical event that marks the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. It represents the moment when one of the Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun, resulting in the shortest day and longest night of the year in the North, and conversely, the longest day and shortest night in the South. This solstice is a key transition point in the Earth’s annual journey around the Sun, deeply embedded in cultural, historical, and seasonal traditions worldwide.

Astronomical Events in December 2024

December 2024 boasts captivating astronomical events, including the Geminid Meteor Shower peaking on the night of December 13th to the early morning of December 14th, renowned as one of the best meteor showers for its bright and fast meteors. The Ursid Meteor Shower follows, peaking between December 22nd and 23rd, offering a celestial spectacle to conclude the year’s meteor shower displays. The December Solstice on December 21st or 22nd marks a pivotal astronomical moment, delineating the change of seasons with the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere.

History of December

December’s etymology traces back to the Latin word “decem“, meaning ten, reflecting its position as the tenth month in the ancient Roman calendar. Subsequent calendar reforms, including the introduction of the Julian calendar by Julius Caesar, realigned December as the twelfth month and extended it to 31 days. Historical events of note in December include the launch of Mariner II on December 14, 1962, making the first successful close pass of Venus, and Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot on November 5, 1605, remembered for its failed attempt to blow up the English Parliament.

December Birthstone and Birth Flowers

December’s birthstones – turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite – symbolize good fortune and wisdom. The month’s birth flowers, holly and narcissus, signify defense and respect, embodying the spirit of the festive season and the introspection it brings.

Zodiac Signs in December

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) and Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) are December’s zodiac signs. Sagittarius brings forth a quest for knowledge and adventure, while Capricorn introduces diligence, responsibility, and pragmatism, mirroring the transition from the year’s end to the anticipation of new beginnings.


As we approach the end of the year, the significance of having a December 2024 calendar cannot be overstated. It not only aids in structuring your days but also facilitates effective planning for upcoming events and commitments. Whether for personal planning, academic scheduling, or professional organization, our templates serve as versatile tools. Embrace their benefits, enjoy a productive month, and get ready to indulge in the festive season!

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