Year 2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

As December wraps us in its festive embrace, the air tingles with the promise of a brand-new year – 2024 is just around the corner. As the earth sheds its snow quilt, it’s the perfect moment to concoct fresh resolutions and map out the path to conquer them all. But hold on; no need to rush! A 2024 calendar will become your trusty sidekick that leads you through the twists and turns of the upcoming year. And guess what? We’ve got an exciting surprise in store just for you!

Why Use Printable Calendar In 2024?

2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar


Enjoy the convenience of our annual calendar templates, thoughtfully crafted in PDF format for seamless printing on any type of printer. With 12 neatly arranged rows, each corresponding to a month, these printable 2024 calendar templates offer a comprehensive view of the entire year. At a mere glance, you can effortlessly capture all the essential events and notes, making planning a breeze.

Rest assured, our commitment to quality remains uncompromised even as we condense all 12 months onto a single sheet. Our meticulously crafted templates boast clear and crisp numbers, ensuring optimal readability. Additionally, we’ve thoughtfully included prominent holidays throughout the year for your convenience. Our calendar templates represent the perfect blend of compact design and detailed precision.

We go above and beyond to cater to your preferences by offering our calendars in both landscape and portrait orientations. Whether you prefer a desk-friendly landscape format or a wall-hanging portrait design, we’ve got you covered! The best part? You can snag your very own calendar without spending a single penny. What truly sets us apart from the competition is our extensive array of designs and templates. Excited to explore our diverse collection? Just scroll down and find the perfect calendar to suit your style!

  • Print-Friendly Version: Our calendar templates are optimized for easy printing.
  • Multiple Formats: Available for download in PDF, ICS, and other formats.
  • Customization Options: Highlight specific holidays or events to tailor the calendar to your needs.
  • Search Function: Easily find specific dates or events with our built-in search feature.

What Are Some Striking 2024 Calendar Templates?

2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays

2024 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Blank Calendar

New year, new space! A blank sheet gives you an impression of a new chapter, setting the stage for you to align seamlessly with your schedule. Our 2024 blank calendar templates showcase 12 months, thoughtfully organized against a minimalist-style background. This design choice ensures that important events and deadlines stand out, offering a clear and concise overview without overwhelming your senses.

A daily planner, a project tracker, or even a gratitude journal, you can turn this blank calendar into your unique art of work! Unleash your creativity and get ready to adorn it with your stickers, color-coding, or any drawings that spark a sense of ownership. Customizing your calendar isn’t just a creative endeavor; it’s a powerful reminder of your responsibility over your schedule. Hit that download button now and stay on top of your game. Don’t let deadlines slip away!

Floral Template

If the blossoming fireworks in the sky symbolize the start of the year, why not commence your 2024 surrounded by clusters of blooming flowers? Drowning in deadlines throughout the year can leave anyone feeling weary and downtrodden. Let this flower-themed 2024 calendar template sprinkle some magic dust, tidying up your chaotic schedule like little fairies in Tinkerbell. May your year bloom with beauty and organization!

The florals come in a vibrant yet subtle tone, infusing a springy and uplifting sense without overshadowing the dates. Place the calendar anywhere you like, and watch as it effortlessly brightens up a whole corner of your space, adding a touch of elegance and positivity to your surroundings. Trust us; this delicate touch has the power to soften and spice up even the boldest and dullest workspaces, unlocking the portal to a new realm of ideas!

And sometimes, a calendar doesn’t have to be a rigid framework that reminds you of those heavy workloads. Instead, think of it as a secret garden where your mind can wander freely without dwelling on life’s hardships. Make every date count with this template!

Calendar With Monday Start In 2024

We’ve all been there – the frustrating moment when we mistake Sunday for Monday and disrupt our entire schedule. Not all regions in the US consider Sunday the beginning of a week, and the workweek of most organizations should be on Monday. This prompted us to design a calendar template tailored to streamline your work. With this calendar, planning your months and year is a no-brainer without interfering with your weekends. Aside from the day arrangement, the printing quality remains unchanged. Give this template a shot and watch your productivity flourish!

Monthly Calendar 2024

When a yearly calendar feels too cramped for all your prominent events and meetings, enter the spotlight—the monthly calendar in 2024! No more squeezing your notes into tiny date boxes. Each monthly template provides ample space, allowing you to jot down everything in a well-organized manner.

Viewing one month at a time makes it easier to keep track of your deadlines, minimizing the risk of confused mistakes. The best part? We’ve got you covered with a list of important holidays for each month so you can plan ahead for those meaningful occasions. If you have an eye for details, this monthly calendar is tailor-made for you!

January 2024 CalendarMay 2024 CalendarSeptember 2024 Calendar
February 2024 CalendarJune 2024 CalendarOctober 2024 Calendar
March 2024 CalendarJuly 2024 CalendarNovember 2024 Calendar
April 2024 CalendarAugust 2024 CalendarDecember 2024 Calendar

Monthly Summaries


Start the year fresh with New Year’s Day on January 1st. January often brings cold weather and new beginnings. Look out for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the third Monday, celebrating the civil rights leader’s legacy.


February is marked by Valentine’s Day on the 14th, a day to celebrate love and friendship. Presidents’ Day on the third Monday honors past U.S. presidents. It’s a shorter month, but packed with important dates.


March ushers in the start of spring. Easter Sunday may fall in late March or early April, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The month also includes St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th.


April showers bring May flowers. It’s a month of renewal and growth. Look out for Earth Day on April 22nd, a global event promoting environmental protection.


May is a month of blooming flowers and warmer weather. Memorial Day on the last Monday honors those who have died in military service. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday.


June marks the beginning of summer. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday. The month often includes school graduations and the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.


July is synonymous with Independence Day on the 4th, celebrating America’s independence with fireworks and festivities. It’s a month of patriotic celebrations and summer activities.


August is a quieter month with fewer holidays but is often a peak time for summer vacations. It’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities and family trips.


September marks the transition to fall. Labor Day on the first Monday honors the contributions of workers. The month also includes the autumnal equinox, signaling the start of fall.


October is known for Halloween on the 31st, a fun-filled day of costumes and treats. The month also brings cooler weather and the changing colors of autumn leaves.


November is highlighted by Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday, a time to give thanks and enjoy a festive meal with family and friends. The month also includes Veterans Day on November 11th.


December is filled with holiday spirit. Christmas on the 25th celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The month concludes with New Year’s Eve on the 31st, ringing in the new year.

Significant Holidays in 2024

Come rain or shine, we all eagerly anticipate big events to immerse ourselves in the jolly vibe. Well, guess what? Our 2024 calendar with holidays is all you need to keep track of both federal and international holidays at once. This year, let’s welcome and mark down these significant days:

Jan 1: New Year’s DayMay 12: Mother’s DayNov 5: Election Day
Jan 15: Martin Luther King Jr. DayMay 27: Memorial DayNov 11: Veterans Day
Feb 14: Valentine’s DayJun 14: Flag DayNov 28: Thanksgiving Day
Feb 19: Presidents’ DayJun 16: Father’s DayNov 29: Black Friday
Mar 17: St. Patrick’s DayJun 19: JuneteenthDec 24: Christmas Eve
Mar 31: Easter SundayJul 4: Independence DayDec 25: Christmas Day
Apr 1: Easter MondaySep 2: Labor DayDec 31: New Year’s Eve
Apr 15: Tax DayOct 14: Columbus Day
May 5: Cinco de MayoOct 31: Halloween

New Year’s Day (January 1): Celebrate the beginning of 2024 with joy and resolutions.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15): Honor the civil rights leader’s legacy.

Valentine’s Day (February 14): A day to celebrate love and affection.

Presidents’ Day (February 19): A federal holiday recognizing past U.S. presidents.

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17): Celebrate Irish culture with parades and wearing green.

Easter Sunday (March 31): Commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Monday (April 1): Extend the celebration of Easter with a public holiday.

Tax Day (April 15): The deadline for filing federal income tax returns in the U.S.

Cinco de Mayo (May 5): Celebrate Mexican heritage and the Battle of Puebla victory.

Mother’s Day (May 12): Honor mothers and motherhood with gifts and quality time.

Memorial Day (May 27): Remember and honor military personnel who have died in service.

Flag Day (June 14): Commemorate the adoption of the U.S. flag in 1777.

Father’s Day (June 16): Honor fathers and father figures with gifts and family activities.

Juneteenth (June 19): Celebrate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

Independence Day (July 4): Celebrate America’s independence with fireworks and festivities.

Labor Day (September 2): Honor the contributions of workers with parades and a long weekend.

Columbus Day (October 14): Commemorate Christopher Columbus’s landing in the Americas.

Halloween (October 31): Celebrate with costumes, trick-or-treating, and spooky activities.

Election Day (November 5): Participate in general elections across the United States.

Veterans Day (November 11): Honor military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thanksgiving Day (November 28): Give thanks and enjoy a festive meal with family and friends.

Black Friday (November 29): Kick off the holiday shopping season with significant sales.

Christmas Eve (December 24): Prepare for Christmas with family gatherings and festive meals.

Christmas Day (December 25): Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with joy and generosity.

New Year’s Eve (December 31): Welcome the new year with parties and fireworks.

Notable Historical Events

January 1: New Year’s Day, marking the start of the Gregorian calendar year.

April 22: Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970, promoting environmental awareness.

July 20: Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, a significant event in space exploration.

November 11: Veterans Day, originally Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I in 1918.


As the busy work cycle concludes the year, let’s not forget to prepare for a blissful and energetic new year with a 2024 calendar. Small yet mighty, these templates can be the unsung heroes that guide you through the chaos of deadlines. Download them now and ensure a year of productivity and success!

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