Free Printable February 2020 Calendar

February is an interesting month of the year. It is the shortest month of the year, and also the coldest. It is generally a month to focus on getting your year on track. The month also houses some fun holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Getting through it will require some serious planning and organization. A February 2020 Calendar template comes in handy n achieving this.

February 2020 Calendar

February 2020 Calendar


February 2020 Calendar

Here you can download free printable February 2020 calendar for free. These calendars are perfectly suitable for the people of USA.

February 2020 Calendar Printable

February 2020 Calendar Printable


How to download February calendar?

We offer printable February 2020 calendar templates for absolutely free. If you are looking for February 2020 calendar templates to download then this is the right place for you. We cost you nothing for providing these calendar templates. Calendar templates on this site are available in a wide range of styles. You can download from the most stylish templates to as simple to as blank calendars.

It is very easy to download the February calendar templates. It is available to download in two options. You can either download it in PDF or JPG image format. Firstly, choose the format you want to download the February 2020 calendar and then click on download to save it on your computer.

In the same manner, you can download the previous month’s and the next month’s calendar. Browse through and download the January 2020 calendar templates and March 2020 calendar templates in your preferred format. These calendars not only maker your place look good but also are very helpful. All the important holidays are mentioned on them. Therefore you will never miss any special observance with our free February 2020 calendar.

Blank February 2020 Calendar

Blank February 2020 Calendar


How do I print a February 2020 calendar?

The last thing that you need to do before having yourself a beautiful February 2020 calendar is printing it. Printing a calendar template is very easy. Any amateur can do it. If you have downloaded the February 2020 calendar template then you can start printing it.

First you need to connect a printer with your computer. After that, select the saved February 2020 calendar template from your computer. Right click on it and then select print to print it via your printer. In a few seconds, you will have your February 2020 calendar in your hands.

This is how easily you can print a February 2020 calendar. There is no requirement of any special talent to do it. You don’t even need to pay anything for downloading or printing. We offer February 2020 calendar templates for free.

Download a JPG image file of the calendar template and print it. You can also download the PDF file and print it. Therefore, choose your favorite calendar template now and download, print and use it anywhere you want.

February 2020 Calendar Template

February 2020 Calendar Template


Moon phases calendar for February 2020

February is the only month which sometimes has only three primary phases of the moon. It’s because a lunar month has 29.53 days. While February has only 28 or 29 days. In February 2020, the four primary phases of moon occur on 1, 9, 15 and 23 Feb. 1st quarter on 1 February and Full moon on 9 February. 3rd quarter will be on 15 February and finally New moon on 23 February.

What is the month of February?

How was the February named?

In both Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar, February is the 2nd month of year. In earlier Roman calendars, February was not a month of year. It was added later. It is also only month with less than thirty days. February has twenty eight days in normal years while it has 29 days in leap years.

The word February came from a Latin word “februum”. It means purification. It’s because February is a month of Purification. February is Februarius in Middle English. Its Latin name is Februarius mensis. It translates to “month of February” in English. February is also dies februatus in Latin. It means “Day of Purification”. February is solmonath in old English. It means mud month. Finnish name of February is helmikuu. It means “month of the pearl”. It’s because the snow melts on the tree branches in this month.

What is the history of February?

Earlier Roman calendars had only 10 months. At that time, both January & February were not a part of the calendar. They were added to the calendar in around 713 BC. At first, they were last two months of the year. Then, around 450 BC, February became the second month of calendar. January became the first month.

Before 46 BC, the only month with an even number of days was February. It had 28 days. All other months had either 29 or 31 days. Even number was a symbol of bad luck in those days. That’s why people considered it an unlucky month.

Sometimes February had only 23-24 days in Roman calendar. There was an extra month with 27 days after February. it was there to realign the calendar with seasons. Later, many changes occurred including the abolition of the extra month during the Julian calendar reform. Every fourth year was announced a leap year. Leap year added a 29th day to February. February is 28 days long in common years. Until today, the whole world is following that same calendar.

It is the 2nd month of Calendar

February is the 2nd month of year. In Julian calendar also, February was the 2nd month of year. It consists of 28 days. But in leap year, it has one extra day. It is shortest month of calendar. February was not a part of early Roman calendars. They had only 10 months per year.

February and August are seasonal equivalents in opposite hemispheres. It is the only month which has less than thirty days. It is also only month in which there can be no full moon.

Generally, February starts on same day of week as November and March. While during leap years, It starts on same day of week as August. If you consider Sunday as first day of week then once every 6 years or twice in 11 years. February has 4 full 7-day weeks.

Common primrose and violet are the birth flowers of February. February’s birthstone is amethyst. It is a symbol is sincerity, humility, spiritual wisdom and piety. The zodiac signs of February are Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is until 19 February while Pisces starts from 20 February.

February is Black History Month in America. Americans also call it African-American History Month. Government of the USA officially recognizes this month long observance. America and Canada celebrate it in February. Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom celebrate it in October.

February is 3rd month of the winter season. Winter ends with this month. Super Bowl is a popular sports event in the USA. This event is held in February. It has been happening on the 1st Sunday of February since 2002.

February 2020 Printable Monday Calendar

February 2020 Printable Monday Calendar


Does your week start on Monday instead of Sunday. You can download the calendars to your computer and print our Monday calendar for February 2020 as and when required. It’s quick and easy.

What are the holidays in February 2020?

Date Day Holiday
February 1 Saturday National Freedom Day 2020
February 2 Sunday Groundhog Day 2020
February 2 Sunday Super Bowl 2020
February 4 Tuesday Rosa Parks Day 2020
February 7 Friday National Wear Red Day 2020
February 10 Monday Tu Bishvat/Tu B’Shevat 2020
February 12 Wednesday Lincoln’s Birthday 2020
February 14 Friday Valentine’s Day 2020
February 14 Friday Statehood Day 2020
February 15 Saturday Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday 2020
February 16 Sunday Elizabeth Peratrovich Day 2020
February 17 Monday Presidents’ Day 2020
February 17 Monday Daisy Gatson Bates Day 2020
February 21 Friday Maha Shivaratri 2020
February 25 Tuesday Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras 2020
February 26 Wednesday Ash Wednesday 2020
February 28 Friday Linus Pauling Day 2020

Valentine’s Day in the United States

It is a festival of love and romance. The whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14 February every year.

What is the Significance of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is especially a day for the love couples. It was originally a Western Christian feast day. But today, it has become a significant religious, cultural and commercial celebration of love and romance. Its celebrations happen all over the world.

This day has a special place in the hearts of people who are in love. This day becomes even more significant as it brings two lovers closer. Couples express their love for each other in various different ways on this day. They exchange flowers, gifts, and valentine greeting cards with each other. Heart shaped outline, a figure of winged cupid, and doves are a few symbols of Valentine’s Day.

It is also a very important festival for retailers and businessmen. Sales of gift shops and clothing stores increase by a good amount around this day. It is because lovers buy gifts for their partners. And they also have to get ready in a fresh new attire to look good for their Valentine’s date.

This day also has a lot of significance for the restaurant owners. Popular restaurants go through a lot of rush on this day, especially in the evening time. Romantic lovers go to their favorite restaurants to have a romantic dinner with their partner.

What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Americans celebrate this day in honor of the saints with name Valentine. Origins of Valentine’s day come from Europe. British settlers made it popular in North America in the Nineteenth Century. It started as a Western Christian ritual feast day to honor the saints named Valentinus.

There are many stories which connect to February 14 with various valentines in them. But according to popular beliefs, Saint Valentine of Rome was the one who inspired February 14 to be celebrated as Valentine’s day. Saint Valentine performed weddings for the soldiers who were not allowed to marry. He also ministered to Christians who were under punishment under Roman Empire. Because of all this, he went to prison.

As per the historians, he healed the daughter of a jailer, Asterius, while he was in prison. He also wrote her a letter with the sign “Your Valentine”, just before his execution. It was a farewell letter.

February 14 associated with the valentine’s day in the 14th century. It was the time when courtly love was flourishing. It evolved into a romantic occasion in 18th century England. Lovers started to celebrate this romantic occasion by sending each other flowers, confectionery, and Valentine greeting cards. And then, it came to America in the 19th century.

Today, this day is not a public holiday in any country but people celebrate it all over the world. Now, it has become a significant religious, cultural and a commercial festival.

What are the Traditions of Valentine’s Day?

There are so many traditions of Valentine’s day. These traditions are just increasing with each year. Love couples keep on finding new ways to express their love for each other. Though, still, the most popular traditions of this day are the old ones. Almost all the lovers send various kinds of gifts, love letters, and confectioneries to their partners.

The most popular kinds of gifts on this day are Chocolate Candy, Greeting cards, Red or Pink Flowers and Jewelry. You can also call going out with your partner on Valentine’s Day 2020 a beautiful gift. Many people go out on dates with their soulmates to enjoy this day. It is a very popular tradition in every part of the world.

A special dinner with your girlfriend or spouse is also a tradition of Valentine’s Day which you cannot forget. All the famous dinner places are out of tables on this day. You may also need to book your tables a few weeks earlier in some of the luxurious restaurants for this day. Many hotels and restaurants offer special prices on this occasion, especially for couples.

Some people follow a tradition of getting married on 14 February. It is a very popular date for marriages. They chose the most romantic day of the year to tie the knot with their loving partner. It seems like a good way to start the married life on a loving and high note.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Calendar

Valentine’s Day 2020 Calendar

When is Valentine’s Day 2020?

Valentine’s Day 2020 is on Friday, February 14. It always comes on 14 February every year. Day of week changes every year but the date remains the same. In 2019, it was on Thursday. In 2020, it will be on Friday. While in 2021, it will be on Sunday.

Every year, weekday moves one day forward. Except in case of leap years, when it moves two days forward if the previous year was a leap year. 14 February 2020 will not be a public holiday. All the schools, government organizations and private businesses stay open on this day. It is generally like a normal day for all Americans.

Restaurants are busier than normal on this day. It is because a lot of people go out for dinner with their loved ones. There are no effects of this occasion on public transit also. All public transportation run on their schedule time on 14 February.

Dates for Valentine’s Day from 2016 to 2024

Date Day of the week Year
February 14, 2016 Sunday Valentine’s Day 2016
February 14, 2017 Tuesday Valentine’s Day 2017
February 14, 2018 Wednesday Valentine’s Day 2018
February 14, 2019 Thursday Valentine’s Day 2019
February 14, 2020 Friday Valentine’s Day 2020
February 14, 2021 Sunday Valentine’s Day 2021
February 14, 2022 Monday Valentine’s Day 2022
February 14, 2023 Tuesday Valentine’s Day 2023
February 14, 2024 Wednesday Valentine’s Day 2024

What do you do on Valentine’s Day?

This day is just like a normal day for single people. While the others have a lot to do for their partners on this day. The most common thing to do for them is exchanging gifts and valentine greeting cards. Evening time is for a special meal together in a good local restaurant.

Many people love to decorate their greeting cards with decorations on their own. This way they try to enter deep inside the heart of their partner. Many couples spend a romantic night in a hotel on this day.

Employees, businessmen, and students, all go to their respective places in the morning time. It’s because it is not a day off anywhere in the world. To summarise, people celebrate their love in their own ways on this day.

Presidents’ Day in the United States

3rd Monday of February every year is Presidents’ Day in the United States. Americans celebrate it to honor all the presidents of America.

What is the significance of Presidents’ Day?

Celebrations of Presidents’ Day occur on the 3rd Monday of every February. It is an annual holiday. This holiday is very significant for the people of the United States. Americans celebrate it to honor the Presidents’ of America. President is the most respected figure in America. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. All the former presidents receive special honors on this day.

The day of celebration of the Presidents’ Day is set in honor of George Wahington. He was the first-ever President of the United States. G. Washington was born on 22 Feb 1732. That’s why Presidents’ day celebration occurs on the 3rd Monday of February. Third Monday in Feb always falls around 22 Feb. Date of the Presidents’ Day always stays between 22 Feb and 28 Feb.

The United States is a developed nation today. It is one of the superpowers in the world. It is only because of the work of our former Presidents. We should be thankful to them for our great economy. This day gives us an opportunity to recognize the value of our great Presidents.

What is the History of Presidents’ Day?

The history of Presidents’ Day is more than 200 years old. It was the death of George Washington in 1799 when the history of this day began. Americans started to remember him every year on his birthday. His birthday was February 22. George Washington was one of the greatest figures in the history of America in those days.

It was not official but Americans celebrated Wahington’s birthday for the most part of the 1800s. It was in the 1870s when the Government declared his birthday a public holiday. Senator Steven Dorsey proposed this idea. In 1879, then president Rutherford Hayes signed it and it officially became law. At that time, it was a holiday only for the people of Columbia. Later in 1885, the whole nation was enjoying a holiday on February 22.

Before Washington’s Birthday, there were only four federal holidays celebrated in all states of USA. Those four holidays were Christmas day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Earlier the name of President’s day was Washington’s Birthday. The shifting of the name started in the late 1960s.

Congress proposed an act in the 1960s. It was to shift some of the federal holidays from their fixed dates to predetermined Mondays. This law was the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This act also had a provision to combine the holiday for both Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. The major reason for this was that both of their birthdays were just 10 days apart. Also, both of them were two of the greatest personalities in the history of United States.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act finally passed in 1968. And it came into effect in 1971. Because of this, Washington’s Birthday shifted from February 22 to the 3rd Monday of February. Also, the name changed from Washington’s Birthday to Presidents’ Day.

What are the traditions of Presidents’ Day?

The other name for Presidents’ Day is Washington’s Birthday. George Washington was first president of America. Washington’s Birthday celebrates the life and achievements of George Washington. Tradition is to commemorate the past presidents of the United States.

Birthday of Abraham Lincoln was also in mid-February. There are a few states which pay special tributes to him on this day. Lincoln was the 16th President of USA. Also, there is a tradition in some schools to organize special events on this day. They teach the students about the life and work of the previous presidents of the USA in these events.

This day is an off day in some states of America. But in most parts of the nation, businesses and stores stay open as usual. It’s primarily because this day always falls on Monday. Although, many shops offer great sales and promotions on this day. Federal and State Govt. services stay closed on this occasion.

Alexandria, Virginia is the hometown of George Washington. It hosts a tribute in his honor on this day and then it lasts for an entire month. It is probably the longest-running and largest Birthday Parade of Geroge Washington. There is also a tradition of celebrating a Geroge Fest in Eustice, Florida. This tradition started in 1902.

Presidents' Day 2020 Calendar

Presidents’ Day 2020 Calendar

When is Presidents’ Day 2020?

Presidents’ Day 2020 is on Monday, February 17. The exact date is February 17, 2020. In 2019, it was on February 18, 2019. While in 2021, it will be on February 15. The day of week remains the same but the date keeps on changing every year. The date of Presidents’ Day always keeps on roaming between 15 February and 21 February. Each year, its date falls in one of the dates between these dates.

It is a federal holiday in the United States. Employees get extended weekend because of this holiday. Some employees plan trips to nearby travel destinations with family and friends to enjoy the extended weekend. Many businesses still stay open on this day. Some stores also offer special sales on this occasion.

Post Offices stay closed but some other delivery services work as usual. Public transportation work right on schedule and one faces no problem due to traffic on this day. Just around Presidents’ Day time, many schools in the US closes for a one-week mid-winter break. There is news from Government sources that Indiana celebrates the birthday of Washington in December.

Dates for Presidents’ Day from 2016 to 2024

Date Day of the week Year
February 15, 2016 Monday Presidents’ Day 2016
February 20, 2017 Monday Presidents’ Day 2017
February 19, 2018 Monday Presidents’ Day 2018
February 18, 2019 Monday Presidents’ Day 2019
February 17, 2020 Monday Presidents’ Day 2020
February 15, 2021 Monday Presidents’ Day 2021
February 21, 2022 Monday Presidents’ Day 2022
February 20, 2023 Monday Presidents’ Day 2023
February 19, 2024 Monday Presidents’ Day 2024

What do you do on Presidents’ Day?

All the citizens of America remember the former presidents of the United States on this day. Among the list of these former presidents, George Washington probably receives the highest amount of honor. It is because he was the very first President of this nation. Also, the old name of President’s Day was Washington’s Birthday.

In some states, people give special attention to Abraham Lincoln. His birthday was also in mid-February. Many schools organize events to teach pupils about the life and work of former Presidents of the United States. Many store owners start their special sales on this day. Americans love this day with all their heart.


February is an interesting month. It has a combination of factors that make the month both interesting and fun, while at the same time tough to get through. It is generally a month to spend working on your personal targets as it still is the beginning of a new year. Valentine’s Day is notably the main holiday that spices up the month. There are also other interesting events such as Presidents’ Day, and National Freedom Day. Balancing between all the months activities calls for some serious planning. And what better way to do it than on an amazing February 2020 Calendar printable template?

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