December 2018 Calendar Printable

December is the most festive month. It is the month that houses America’s favorite holiday: Christmas. This is the season to spend time with your family and bond over the holiday activities. The month is equally filled with a lot of preparations for winter and the New Year. A well designed December 2018 calendar can help you plan for all these.

Everything comes to an ending. And for the year, December is the month to close it up. It is always a fun month filled with holiday festivities and a lot of family moments. However, in the midst of all this joy and celebrations, it is the last month you have to clear up on all that you had planned for the year. In order to get this done, you need a good Printable December 2018 Calendar.

December 2018 Calendar

December 2018 Calendar

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Free December 2018 Calendar templates

The holiday and family activities of the month come with a lot of errands. There’s a lot of traveling, grocery and gift shopping, and decorating. Our December 2018 calendar templates are here to help you schedule all these tasks and handle them with ease.

The December Calendar templates are available in various forms and designs. There are both horizontal and vertically organized calendars. The calendars also come in a wide array of color selections. You can, therefore, get one that matches your style and taste. Additionally, you can customize your color and layout of the template to make one that suits you.

Still, on designs, there are photo and themed calendar templates for the month. Photo templates allow you to add a photo of your choice to the calendar. This way you always look at your pet, family, or home whenever you work on the calendar. Themed templates are also available. Popular December 2018 Calendar Printable themes include Winter, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah.

For easier planning, the Blank December 2018 Calendar templates come in various forms. There’s the monthly, weekly, and daily planner template. These come in handy in the busy sections of the month, especially from the 22nd. Using these you can schedule your activities to the hour, thus ensuring that you cover everything.

All these templates are available for free download on our sites. You can get them in any format of your choosing, including PDF and JPG printable.

December 2018 Calendar Template

December 2018 Calendar Template

Download PDF Format Calendar

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December in the United States

December is the 12th and last month. Its name stems from Latin ‘decem’ which means ten. This is because December was the 10th month in the ancient Roman calendar. Their calendar year started in March. It later became the last month after King Pompilus added January and February to the calendar.

In ancient times, December was a month to prepare for winter. Stocking up granaries with food for the entire winter, gathering animal feeds, and wood to last all winter. Several cultures also celebrated the winter Solistices in this month to usher in the beginning of winter.

Today December has become more of a holiday than work month. Straight from the 22nd of December to 2nd of January, the entire country is in a festive mood, with schools and most businesses closed. A lot of celebrations happen in this short period. These include:

– Christmas
– Kwanzaa
– Hanukkah
– Boxing Day
– New Year’s Eve

December also marks the end of Fall and beginning of winter. It is the month most states get the first snowfall of the season. It is always grateful to see kids running out to experience the flakes they hadn’t seen in months.

Sadly, the start of winter also calls for winter prepping activities. This is a tradition that has not, and probably never will change. It involves a lot of maintenance and repairs in the house. These include:

– Insulating the house and ensuring all windows and doors have no leaks
– Cleaning the gutters
– Fixing drains and all plumbings that may harbor frosts during winter
– Repairing roofs to hold the weight of snow

To get all these done and still make it for the holidays, you’ll definitely need a December 2018 calendar template.

Printable December 2018 Calendar

Printable December 2018 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

Christmas in the United States

Christmas Day 2018: Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Christmas is undoubtedly America’s favorite holiday. We spend more money on this single week than we do in some months of the year.

Christmas traditions are however what makes the holiday truly special. These range from Christmas decorations and dressing to season greetings and melodies. Neighborhoods light up with Christmas lights, well-decorated trees placed in every store, mistletoes under every door, and the sound of carols at every street corner. It is truly a miracle.

The meaning of the holiday is slowly fading. It was originally a Christian celebration to commemorate the birth of Jesus. The holiday has however grown to exceed this simple meaning, and everyone currently has their own view of the holiday, and why they observe it. Non-Christians, including pagans, still celebrate the holiday. There is, however, some controversy over how the holiday is observed. The concepts of Santa Claus, elves, raindeers, and mistletoes have no refference when it comes to Christianity. The holiday borrowed these from pagan celebrations of the Winter Solstices.

Christmas is also a holiday to spend time with your family. A lot of people travel to visit their parents and grandparents. It is an opportunity to catch up on the happenings of the calendar year and simply hang out with those who matter in our lives. The best part of this family holiday is that it lasts all week. You, therefore, have enough time to bake cookies with your mother, play with your nephews and nieces in the store, and still catch up with your old friends who are back in town.

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Everyone loves the season’s gifts. The joy of children tearing up their wrapped toys under the Christmas tree is something to behold. Adults equally get their treats from all family members.

Blank December 2018 Calendar

Blank December 2018 Calendar

Download PDF Format Calendar

New Years Eve in the United States

New Year’s Eve 2018: Monday, December 31, 2018
The 31st of December is the last day of a calendar year. The day is a major international holiday celebrated all over the world. It is a time to bid bye the long year with all its ups and downs.

No matter how your year has been, there’s always a reason to celebrate this holiday. If it was terrible, then it’s the day to wave bye to the year-long streak of mishaps and misfortunes. If it was a great year, then it’s a day to celebrate the achievements and good moments of the year. Either way, you have to acknowledge this day.

Most people observe this holiday in the United States. The common ways people celebrate it include:
– New Year’s Eve parties
– Fireworks displays
– Music Concerts
– Watching live shows

A celebration worth mentioning is the New York Time’s Square New Year’s Eve parade. Over two million people gather annually in this square to countdown to the New Year. The city’s ball drop dramatically signifies the transition from the current year to the next. It is definitely a great way to usher in a new year.

The other significant activity on New Year’s Eve is the making of New Year resolutions. It is a time to sit back and reflect on your year’s activities and decide on what you’d like to change the coming year.

In conclusion, December is a month filled with all that is good in life. It is a holiday season and a time to bond with our families. The Christmas celebrations light up the entire country and everyone is always in a festive mood. It is also the time to reflect on your year’s activity and plan for the next. A December 2018 Calendar with Holidays template would come in handy in achieving all these.
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