Free Printable June 2020 Calendar

Here you can download free printable June 2020 calendar templates in either JPG or PDF format for absolutely free.

June 2020 Calendar

June 2020 Calendar


June 2020 Calendar

June 2020 Calendar Printable

June 2020 Calendar Printable


How to download June calendar?

June is the 6th month of year. We are offering free printable June 2020 calendar templates. Our June 2020 calendar design is most suitable for the residents of the USA. American calendar system has been used to create the calendars on this site. All the holidays mentioned in the calendar are also especially for the Americans.

If you want to use our June 2020 calendar in your bedroom or office or anywhere else then the first thing you will need to do is to download the June 2020 calendar. Downloading a calendar from our site is very easy. June 2020 calendar is available in two different formats i.e. PDF and JPG. First, choose a June 2020 calendar design of your choice. After that, choose a file format in which you want to download the calendar on your computer. Finally, click on the download option.

In the same manner, you can download the previous month or next month’s calendar. If you want to download May 2020 calendar then go to May 2020 calendar section and follow the same download procedure as June 2020. Same way you can download July 2020 calendar.

Blank June 2020 Calendar

Blank June 2020 Calendar


How do I print a calendar for June 2020?

Now, June 2020 calendar is saved in your computer. The next step is to print it. For printing the June 2020 calendar, you’ll need a printer. Firstly, connect the printer to the computer. Now, go to the saved calendar file in your computer. Right-click on it and click on the “print” option. This will take you to the print page. Select your page dimensions and click on Print again. In a few seconds, you will have your June 2020 calendar in your hands.

Downloading and printing a calendar is not very difficult. Anybody can easily do it. If you know how to use a computer, then you will have no problem in downloading and printing our June 2020 calendar. Why pay for a calendar if you can get it for free.

June 2020 calendar is available in many different designs on our website. If you like cool and stylish calendars then we have beautiful floral calendars for you. If you like calendars which you can use for creating memos and reminders then we have Blank June 2020 calendar for you. Whenever you need a free calendar, get it from here.

June 2020 Calendar Template

June 2020 Calendar Template


Moon Phases Calendar for June 2020

A Lunar month is exactly 29.53 days long. In Lunar calendar, one month is either 29 days or 30 days long. Length of every month of this calendar depends upon the moon phases. There are 4 main moon phases. The names of these 4 phases are New moon, 1st quarter, full moon, and 3rd quarter.

Full moon will be on 5 June in June 2020 calendar. The next moon phase will be 3rd quarter on 13 June. Then, it will be New moon on 21 June. Finally, the last moon phase of June 2020 will be 1st quarter on 28 June.

What is the month of June?

Juno’s Month

June is the 6th month of year in both Gregorian and Julian calendar. According to popular beliefs, the name June was derived from the name of Juno, a Roman goddess. Juno is the wife of Jupiter. She is the goddess of Marriage. Also, she is equal to Greek goddess Hera.

Some people believe that the name June came from the Latin term iuniores. It translates to “younger ones’ in English. There is one more popular theory also. Many people believe that June was named after Lucius Junius Brutus. He was the founder of Roman republic. He was also an ancestor of Roman gens Junia. Old English name of June is Junius. In Latin, June is Junius mensis which means the month of Juno in English. While in old French, people call June as Juin.

History of June

In year 2020 calendar, June is the 6th month of year. But did you know that initially, it was the 4th month of year. In the earliest Roman calendars, June was the 4th month of year. The first three months of the year at that time were March, April and May. Calendars had only 10 months until around 700 BC. Because, around 700 BC time, January and February were added to the calendar. They were the last two months of calendar at that time.

After 250 years, some more changes occurred in the calendar. Now, January and February shifted ahead to become the beginning two months of the calendar. This change shifted all the remaining months back by two positions in the calendar. Therefore, June became the 6th month of year from being the 4th. Since then, June is holding its position as it is.

Sixth Month in the Year

June is the 6th month of year. The previous calendar, Julian calendar, also had June as the 6th month of year. It has 30 days. Only 4 months have a total of 30 days in 1 year. June is the 2nd of these 4 months after April. Also, only 5 months have less than 31 days in a year. June is the 3rd of these 5 months after February and April.

June is the month with highest number of daylight hours in the Northern hemisphere. While in Southern hemisphere, June has the lowest amount of daylight hours.

Since people believe that June is named after the Roman goddess of Marriage, Juno, a lot of marriages take place in this month. They believe that it is good luck to have a wedding in this month.

May and June don’t start on same day of week as any of the remaining months. But every year, June ends on same day of week as March. June 2020 will start on Monday while it will end on Tuesday.

Birth flowers of June are rose and the honeysuckle. June’s birthstones are pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. They are a symbol of health and longevity. Gemini and Cancer are the zodiac signs of June. Gemini is until 20th June while Cancer is from 21st June onwards.

June 2020 Printable Monday Calendar

June 2020 Printable Monday Calendar


What are the holidays in June 2020?

Father’s Day in the United States

Father’s day 2020 is a very important festival as it helps us acknowledge the contribution of our fathers and father-like figures in our lives. Besides, father’s day celebrations give children a special chance to show their respect and love for their fathers. This festival also serves as a medium which strengthens the father-child relationship. It also helps in the emotional development of children.

Significance of Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day give us an opportunity to express our thanks to our fathers for their love and support throughout our life. Fathers feel proud on this day as their kids acknowledge their love for them. It strengthens the bond between father and child.

Some children take their father’s unconditional love for them for granted. Father’s day celebrations make them realize how important a role their father plays in their life. It really helps them to create an emotional attachment with their father.

It’s impossible to describe the significance of the father’s day in words. It is a day when every child acknowledges the importance of their fathers in their life. It is a day when every father feels proud of himself for being the best father in the world.

History of Father’s Day

Ms. Sonora Dodd gave the idea of celebrating Father’s day festival for the first time. She was a daughter of Henry Jackson Smart from Spokane. History of Father’s Day festival goes way back to 1900s. It was when Ms. Sonora attended a Mother’s day festival in 1909 and thought that why shouldn’t there be a festival to honor Fathers just like Mothers day festival for mothers.

She came up with this thought since she had always admired the contribution of her father in her family. Her mother died during childbirth and then her father raised her and five other siblings all by himself. Sonora worked hard day and night for years to convert her thought into reality.

Her hard work finally started to pay off in 1913 when a bill was passed to recognize Father’s day as a national festival. Father’s day became even more popular during WWII when most men were leaving their children behind to fight in world war.

Two attempts of formally recognizing the father’s day celebrations were rejected by Congress. But, finally, in 1966, former president Lyndon B. Johnson issued a presidential proclamation designating the third Sunday of June as father’s day every year. In 1972, President Nixon made it a national holiday by signing it into law.

Traditions of Father’s Day

Father’s day festival has a few traditions attached to it. On this day, all members of the family come together so that children can honor their father for his love and affection that he has been providing them with since their first breath. Everyone honors their father in their own unique way.

One of the most common and traditional ways of celebrating father’s day is by giving fathers some masculine gifts. Father’s is relatively a modern festival and every family has its own traditions of celebrating it. There are no fixed traditions with Father’s day which people follows like other religious festivals.

In honor of fathers, US Open Golf Tournament also ends on the day of Father’s day festival. It’s a proud feeling for every father in the world knowing that people acknowledge their contribution to this society for being such great fathers.

In many families, there is a tradition of giving gifts to their fathers on this day. Many children sent greeting cards to their fathers with loving lines in appreciation of their love for them. Days and weeks before the father’s day, some schools also start preparing their students to make a handmade card or gift for their parents to gift him on father’s day festival. Some traditional father’s day gifts include clothing, electronic gadgets, sports items, outdoor cooking supplies, etc.

When is Father’s Day 2020?

Father’s Day festival celebrations occur on the third Sunday of June in the United States every year. The exact date of Father’s day in 2020 is on Sunday, June 21. Last year, it was on 16 June 2019 while next year, it will be on 20 June 2021.

There is a reason behind celebrating father’s day on a Sunday. We all know that Sunday is a public holiday and most people are with their family on this day. So celebrating father’s day on a Sunday gives every child a full day to express his/her love towards his/her father. Moreover, if someone lives far from family, he can also come and enjoy with his family during the weekend. Just for the information, Mother’s day is on Sunday, May 10, 2020 this year in the United States.

The date of the father’s day celebration keeps roaming between 15 June and 21 June every year. This year, it is on 21 June which is also between 15 June and 21 June and it is always like that. If you want to celebrate father’s day with your family, make sure to get home by 15 June evening.

What do people do?

Father’s day festival is an occasion to celebrate the contributions of fathers in their child’s life. It’s a day when people express how much they love their father. There is nothing in the world that is as valuable as a father’s love and affection for his child. Still, children send many gifts to them as a sign of respect and acknowledgment of their love and support throughout their life.

Father’s day is a much modern festival in comparison to other festivals. People celebrate it in their own ways. There are not much-known traditions related to this festival except sending gifts and greeting cards to your fathers. People tell their fathers and father-like figures what they mean to them and how much they love them. Many kids send handmade gifts and greeting cards to their fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, and uncles.

Some people take their fathers out on a treat too in a restaurant. So restaurants can be a bit busier than usual on father’s day. Since it is not a federal holiday, people go to their jobs and businesses just like any other Sunday of the year. Government organizations also run as usually like other Sundays.
Conclusion: Father’s Day is among many events in the month of June. It means that a printable June 2020 calendar ensures that you do not miss the great moments in the month of June.

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