Free Printable July 2020 Calendar

July is the month to have fun and enjoy life. Sitting right in the middle of summer, the month promises a lot of fun activities and events. With a well designed July 2020 calendar template, you can plan your holiday so that you don’t have to miss out on any action.

We offer free printable July 2020 calendar for the residents of the USA in JPG and PDF formats.

July 2020 Calendar

July 2020 Calendar


July 2020 Calendar

July is one of America’s favorite months. Most of the summer activities go down during this period. Planning for all those activities can be quite hectic, especially if you have a family. A well laid out July calendar template can help you to lay it all out in an organized manner.

July 2020 Calendar Printable

July 2020 Calendar Printable


How to download July calendar?

July is the 7th month of year. If you are searching for July 2020 calendar then we have got you covered. We are offering free printable July 2020 calendar templates. All of our calendar templates are available either in JPG or PDF file formats. We design calendars especially for the people of America. We mention all the US holidays and observances on the calendar. It makes them much more useful for the people using them.

Downloading a July 2020 calendar is very easy from our website. First, select a calendar design in which you want to download July 2020 calendar. Then, choose either PDF or JPG as the file format of calendar. Now, click on download button to start downloading the July 2020 calendar in your computer.

If you are looking for the previous and next month’s calendar then we have them too. You can download the June 2020 calendar and August 2020 calendar from our website. The download procedure is same for all the calendars. It is your choice if you want to download in PDF or JPG format.

July 2020 Calendar Template

July 2020 Calendar Template


How do I print a calendar for July 2020?

If you are finished downloading the July 2020 calendar then the next step is to print it. Printing a calendar is very easy. You don’t need any expert help to do it. Any amateur can print a calendar saved in the computer. But you will need a working printer for this step. Without a printer, you cannot print this calendar.

Go to the saved calendar file on your computer. Right-click on it and then click on print from the options. This will take you to a new print window. Choose your desired print dimensions and click on print. Printer will start printing the calendar. In a few seconds, you will have your new July 2020 calendar in your hands.

We have a large variety of calendars on our website. Whatever your taste in calendars is, we will definitely have something for you. If you like stylish and attractive calendars then we have beautiful floral July 2020 calendar for you. If you like simple yet useful calendars then we have blank July 2020 calendar for you. Our Blank calendar has free space for your daily notes and reminders.

Moon phases calendar for July 2020

Since many people and religions follow moon phases calendar also, here is the moon phases calendar of July 2020. One month of Lunar calendar is exactly 29.53 days long. In this one month, moon goes through four primary phases. These four primary moon phases are New moon, 1st quarter, Full Moon and 3rd quarter.

In July 2020, the first moon phase will appear on July 5. it will be a full moon. Then on July 12, you will be able to see the 3rd quarter. The new moon phase will be on July 20. The last moon phase of July 2020 will be visible on July 27 and it will be the 1st quarter.

Blank July 2020 Calendar

Blank July 2020 Calendar


What is the month of July?

Julius Caesar’s Month

July is the 7th month of year in both Julian and Gregorian calendar. The second half of the year begins in July. July has 31 days. It comes after June and before August. 7 months out of 12 have 31 days in calendar. July is the 4th of these 7 months to have 31 days. July and August are the only consecutive months with same number of days in 1 year.

In earlier Roman calendars, July was the 5th month of year. Therefore, its name was Quintilis in Latin. During Julian calendar revolution, it became the 7th month of year. Its name was changed to July in honor of the great Julius Caesar. It was his birth month. Therefore, the name of this month is after him.

The name of July is Julie in middle English. While in Latin, it is Julius mensis which means month of Julius in English. Other Latin name of July is Quintilis mensis. It means fifth month in English.

History of July

Today, July is the 7th month of year. Originally, July was the fifth month of year in earlier Roman calendars. At that time, calendar had only 10 months. But then, two more months were added to the calendar in around 700 BC. These two months were January and February. Initially, they were the last 2 months of year.

Around 450 BC, January and February became the starting months of the calendar. This major change shifted back the position of all the remaining months. Therefore, July shifted from 5th month to 7th month of year. Until today, it is the 7th month of year.

In the Northern hemisphere, July is the warmest month of year. It’s because it is the 2nd month of summer in that hemisphere. While in the Southern hemisphere, July is the coldest month of year. There, it is the 2nd month of winter. July and January are each other’s seasonal equivalent in the opposite hemispheres. It means that if July is the warmest month in Northern hemisphere then the warmest month in Southern hemisphere will be January.

Important festivals and observances of July are Independence Day observance on July 3, independence Day on July 4, Parents’ Day on July 26, and Eid-Al-Adha on July 31. These holidays are celebrated with great zeal and joy in almost every corner of America.

July’s Birth Flower and Stone

The birthstone of July is Ruby. It is a symbol of contentment. Water Lily or the Larkspur are the birth flowers of July.

Cancer and Leo are the zodiac signs of July. Cancer is until 22 July while Leo is from July 23 onwards.

During common years, July begins on the same day of week as April. While, during a leap year, it begins on the same day of week as January. During common years, July doesn’t end on the same day of week as any other month. While, during a leap year, it ends on the same day of week as January.

July 2020 Printable Monday Calendar

July 2020 Printable Monday Calendar


What are the holidays in July 2020?

Independence Day in the United States

Independence Day celebrations happen on July 4 every year in the US. It was on this day in 1776 when the US got independence from Great Britain.

What is the importance of Independence Day?

Independence Day in America is a big festival. The whole country celebrates its declaration of independence in various different styles. It is difficult to tell the importance of Independence day in Words. It’s a day on which they gained freedom from the British rule in 1776.

It was the end of British rule from the US on this day. The legal separation of the 13 colonies from Britain happen on 2 July 1776. But it was 4 July 1776 when the publication of the actual Declaration of independence happened. That’s why the Fourth of July is a very important day for the country.

It is one of the memorable days in the history of the US. Every year, The US people celebrate this festival with great zeal and joy. They show their love towards their country. It’s a festival to which every American feel attached to. People of every religion celebrate this festival.

The history behind the Fourth of July

A collection of East coast states made up the USA. These East coast states were also the Thirteen Colonies. Britishers were present here since 1587 exploiting the US resources particularly Tobacco. Firstly, the relations between the Britishers and settlers were good. But soon people started to raise their voice against British laws and taxes like the Sugar Act. These laws and taxes were there to satisfy British Financial needs.

It led to a growth in nationalism in the whole country. “No Taxation without representation” was the demand of many settlers in 1765. The Boston Tea Party event of 1773 was a protest against the Tea Act. Such events became common by this time thanks to the day by day growing tension between the two.

Coercive Acts became the cause of the further ill feelings between the two. “Intolerable Acts” was the name of these acts for the patriotic Americans. These laws came into effect after the Boston tea party event. These laws took away semi-autonomous Massachusetts’ power.

A meeting of leaders from the 13 colonies was called to answer the Britishers. In 1775, a war against Britain was declared for Independence at the 2nd meeting.

The very next year, 56 representatives of the thirteen states signed on the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Future Presidents Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were also in the list of signatories. It was on July 4, 1776, when the publication of the Declaration of Independence happened. Since then Americans celebrate 4 July as the Independence Day of the US every year.

Independence Day Traditions

Fourth of July celebrations occur all over the country. Different kinds of patriotic displays are visible on almost every street. All the schools, government institutions, and businesses mostly stay closed on this day. Many politicians come out in public events and give speeches. Speeches are mostly about the heritage, culture, history, and laws of the great nation.

Independence Day traditions also include Parades. These parades occur in the morning time. People can also see these parades live on Television. It gives a feeling of patriotism to every American at home. As the evening time comes, fireworks displays start to take over. Parks, Town squares, and Fairgrounds are some of the places where you can see fireworks. You can easily see them after the dark.

These fireworks shows are often mixed with patriotic songs. You can watch some major fireworks at East River in New York City and Lake Union in Seattle. Some states don’t allow the fireworks show due to safety concerns while some allow only small size.

One of the traditions is “Salute to the Union”. A military base fires a salute of a gun for every single state of America at noon. The first week of July is one of the busiest weeks of the year in the United States. Public transportation is busiest. All Americans try to join their families to enjoy this festival. It is a time to celebrate and enjoy the freedom.

When is Independence day 2020?

Independence Day 2020 is on Saturday, July 4. While last year it was on Thursday. It is a very busy time of the year. People shop and travel a lot during this festival. Roads are very busy in the first week of July. You can see patriotic events going on everywhere.

Independence day is a Federal holiday. If the Fourth of July comes on a Saturday, the Government gives holiday on Friday. If it is on Sunday, then the holiday is on Monday. The government does it so that the employees get one extra holiday. This way they are able to enjoy the festival with their families living far away. Many employees go on vacation during this time.

How do People Celebrate?

People mostly celebrate this day with their family and friends. They go out on picnics and barbeques together. A lot of people also arrange gaming activities to enjoy the day out. Gaming activities include food eating competitions and outdoor sports events such as baseball. Many families display American Flag outside their houses. It is to show their love for America. Some employees also use this day for some fun. They go out on vacation to their favorite destinations.

People also arrange fireworks displays at different locations. You can see fireworks during late evening time. Some of the best fireworks are visible on TV also. New York City has the biggest fireworks show in the whole nation. Its pyrotechnics explodes in 2009 were around 22 tons. Its fireworks shows occur in the East River.

So many public events affect traffic also. Hence, public transits are mostly late on this day. Popular holiday destinations are full of people during the whole first week of July. People show their love for the nation on this day. They show love in their own unique ways. Every American feel happiness on this day.
Conclusion: The month of July is an action-packed month. Sitting right in the middle of summer, its 31 days promise a lot of entertaining activities, as well as deeply moving and touching holidays. With a great Wiki Calendar July 2020 template, you can organize your holiday so that you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun.

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