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Free Printable December 2022 Calendar

Hi there! Welcome to our website! Here we are happy to offer you a downloadable, easy-to-print December 2022 Calendar, for free! But that’s not all we have to offer either. Here on our website, we love helping people stay organized so much, that we have even more free calendar downloads in addition to our December Calendar. In fact, we’ve already got all twelve months of 2022 ready for you to download today! So your days of feeling disorganized are over; click the button below to get your free December 2022 Calendar right now!

December 2022 Calendar

December 2022 Calendar


December 2022 Calendar

Just one final reminder though, before we get into the specifics of our December 2022 Calendar. To download our files and print them you’ll need two things. The first is Adobe Reader, or an equivalent .pdf reading software on your computer. This will help you view the file, and even make edits right on it prior to printing, if you’d like! The second thing you’ll need is a printer with traditional 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Additionally, we’re happy to let you know that we’ve designed the file to automatically fit traditionally sized paper, so simply click print and your perfectly formatted calendar is good to go!

December 2022 Calendar Printable with Holidays


Specifically, on our December Calendar, you’ll find 31 days. Also, we have gone ahead and labelled major holidays for you. In December, these holidays include: The first day of winter (Wednesday, December 21, 2022), Christmas Eve (Saturday, December 24, 2022), Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25, 2022) and New Year’s Eve (Saturday, December 31, 2022). Of these holidays, Christmas Day is the only one where most businesses are closed and the majority of workers can enjoy a full day celebrating with their friends and family.

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The Month of December

Have you ever wondered how the months of the year got their name? If so, it’s a great question, with a very interesting answer. Perhaps you are familiar with the prefix “Dec?” As in decagon, or a ten sided shape. Or more specifically, “decem”, the Latin word for ten. Weird that the twelfth month of the year was named for the number ten, isn’t it? Well, not so much if you understand the history of calendars.

Today, we use the Gregorian Calendar. Much of the world uses this format of the calendar as it’s the twelve month format we know and use today. However, this calendar did not always exist. Prior to 153 BCE the Roman calendar was developed and use. In the Roman Calendar there were only ten months. And guess what the tenth and final month of the year was? You guessed it, December! So even though December is no longer the tenth month of the year, the name still stuck.

Additionally, believe it or not, while here in the Northern Hemisphere we know December to be the first month of winter, this isn’t true in other parts of the world. South of the equator, all of the seasons are opposite, therefore their month of December is hot and the first month of summer! Weird to think that in the United States we are dreaming of a “White Christmas” while in the Southern Hemisphere they’re enjoying their Christmas in bathing suits by the pool!

December Calendar

We hope you found our free printable December calendar useful! So go ahead and download your December 2022 Calendar today by clicking the button below!

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