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Free Printable August 2023 Calendar

Keep searching the web for a simple, free printable August 2023 calendar, but keep coming up empty handed? Well worry no more! Also, you can print as many as you’d like, so there’s no need to limit yourself! So long as you have Adobe Reader or a similar .pdf reading software and a printer loaded up with traditional 8.5″ x 11″ paper, you’re good to go! We’ve already done all the formatting for you.

August 2023 Calendar

August 2023 Calendar


August 2023 Calendar

Specifically, in our August 2023 calendar you’ll find 31 days and plenty of space to write your own personal obligations. Because our digital file must be downloaded with a .pdf reading software before printing, you can even edit the calendar virtually before printing if you want! So go ahead and edit your August Calendar to your liking and print as many as you want!

August 2023 Calendar Printable with Holidays


The Month of August

August is the only month without national holidays, believe it or not. However, informally August 3 is known as National Watermelon Day. Its Zodiac signs include Leo (July 23-August 22) and Virgo (August 23-September 22). Additionally, while August is known to be the last month of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is considered winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the current twelve month model calendar that we use, known as the Gregorian Calendar, August is the eighth month. However, in previous versions of the calendar, August was the sixth month. This is because January and February didn’t exist and the year began with March. Because of this, prior to 8 BCE, August was named Sextillis, meaning “sixth month” in Latin. But, once August became the eighth month it was given the name we know it as today after Augustus Caesar.

Furthermore, August is known as the busiest month for traveling since it is the final month of summer vacation for most children in America. It also contains the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, which has different dates in August depending on the year.

August has two birthstones: the peridot and the onyx. The peridot has a transparent light green color and has been found in some exciting places. For example, in meteorites and lava from Hawaiian volcanoes. Peridots symbolize strength. Onyx, on the other hand, is an opaque black color. Onyx stones are thought to be especially helpful in times of stress as people believe they have the ability to transform negative energy into positive vibrations.

August’s official flowers are the poppy and the gladiolus. Poppies are most popular in the red variety, however they can also grow in a white or light pink color. Poppies are a symbol of peace, this is because opium can actually be extracted from the flower, inducing a calm sleep. Moreover, gladiolus flowers are informally referred to as the “sword lily” since they bloom in tall, vertical clusters. These flowers bloom in a variety of bright colors and are known to represent strength.

August Calendar

Here on our website we are proud to offer simple downloadable August calendars for all months in 2023. Looking to plan ahead for next month? Click here to go to our free printable September Calendar.

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